Surgery: for Christmas, or for life?

16cWhile cosmetic surgery might seem expensive at one, two, three thousand pounds… one thing you really must think about is that cosmetic surgery is, ideally, for life. The changes we can make to your body can stay with you for the next thirty or fifty years – which makes a few thousand pounds sound like small potatoes!

Of course, some procedures – particularly anti-ageing ones – are primarily just postponing the inevitable onset of wrinkles. But many of our surgeries – nose jobs, boob jobs, weight loss surgeries, etc. – will be with your for life.

This is one of the reasons why we stress that it is so important to think about why you’re undergoing surgery, and how serious you are about it, before making the decision to have your procedure.

It’s also why, if you’re undergoing weight loss surgery, you need to think about changing your habits – of both diet and exercise – for life. Undergoing surgery just to do undo it all months – or even years – later isn’t the most sensible thing!

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