Multiple procedures: silly or sensible?

Shape and beautyAt Secret Surgery, we are frequently approached by patients wondering if they can save a little time and money by having two procedures at the same time. It’s obvious why this would be desirable; rather than having the worry and stress of coming in for two separate procedures, you can just go to sleep once on the operating table, wake up, and everything’s been done!

So, we can see why you guys and gals might think it’s a good idea. But, well – it’s not. We don’t offer multiple procedures at the same time like this, and I can’t stress enough that the reason why is because we value your safety more than our purses!

Multiple procedures put extra strain on the surgery and the surgeon. Think about this – would you rather have a surgeon working on you for two hours without a break, or four? How long does your concentration usually hold for at work? If it’s four hours, you’re doing better than me! We also don’t want anybody going under anaesthetic for extra time – it’s not safe.

Your body also needs time and energy to heal properly after a surgery, and the more surgeries you have done at the same time, the harder your body will find this to do. And that’s without even thinking about how much extra pain you would have to deal with…

Finally, operating on two areas of the body at once will increase the risk of cross-contamination if there are any issues with bacteria. We don’t want this, and you don’t want this either. So, in short? No, we don’t do multiple surgeries. Yes, you will thank us later!

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