What do you think is the most common cosmetic procedure in the UK?

top-ten-new-year-resolutionsCosmetic surgery is on the rise in the UK, and the figures are changing every year when it comes to the most popular surgeries. We’ve taken a look at some stats from last year to help deduce which procedures are on the rise, and which ones are being left behind.

It’s no great surprise that breast augmentations are, by far, the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK. In 2011, over 10,000 women n the UK went under the knife for work on their breasts.  Conversely, the most popular surgery for men was the rhinoplasty – or nose job – which over 1,000 men opted for.

The next big hitters were eyelid surgeries and face/neck lifts, which saw over 5,000 and 4,700 women, respectively, in 2011. Lagging behind were ear corrections and brow lifts, with around 2,000 patients between them.

We can also use these figures to look at rising trends in surgery. Breast augmentations are on the rise – in fact, so is everything else! The only procedure which hasn’t risen in popularity year on year is breast augmentation for men, which stayed the same between 2010 and 2011. I’m sure when we get the latest figures for 2012 we’ll see a similar upward trend for most surgeries. The fastest grower was liposuction for men, which saw an 8% rise since the previous year.

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