Surgery sisters!

best-friends-best-friends-loveI’ve never been to have surgery with my sister, but sometimes it helps to have a friend by you when you’re doing something difficult. That’s why it’s not uncommon for women – and even men! – to try and get a mate on board when going for surgery.

This can either be someone who decides to come along with you for your procedure, or it could be someone who’s always wanted to go under the knife but never had the courage to by themselves!

There are some serious benefits to undergoing surgery with a friend – provided it’s right for you both. Obviously, it’s always good to have somebody to talk things through with – particularly somebody who understands what you’re going through.

But it’s more than that. You’ll recover together, heal together, and see yourselves getting more beautiful day by day together! It’s no wonder that more and more young women are make the decision to take the plunge together.

Of course, there’s no point badgering friends into having surgery if they don’t want to – you’ve got to make sure everyone else is as keen as you. If you are lucky enough to have someone else want to share the experience with you, though, I fully recommend it. You can never have enough support!

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