Why have surgery?

imagesIt sounds like an obvious question with one answer: because I want to change my body. But it’s not always this simple – and actually, many people have different reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Some of them are better than others – so let us tell you which reasons to have surgery are good ones, and which ones are bad ones.

5 good reasons to have surgery

  1. “I want to be healthier.” This is a fantastic reason to undergo something like bariatric surgery – the best.
  2. “I’ve tried everything else, and I’m sure this is my only option.” When it comes to things like weight loss surgery, we need to make sure that you’ve tried to do it the easier way – diet and exercise.
  3. “I have low self-esteem, and surgery will really help me.” What’s surgery for if it isn’t to make you feel better about yourself?
  4. “I’ve always hated my nose/ears/boobs, and this is my opportunity to become who I’ve always wanted to be.” Yep – always be yourself.
  5. “I wanted to treat myself, and this is something just for me.” That’s right – it’s just for you.

5 bad reasons to have surgery

  1. “My partner wanted me to do it.” It’s got to be for you – it doesn’t matter what your partner thinks.
  2. “My friends think I would look better this way.” But what do YOU think?
  3. “It’s easier than diet and exercise.” No, it isn’t. Weight loss surgery should never be considered the easy option.
  4. “I just suddenly thought it might be a good idea.” Surgery is a very serious decision, so think it over very carefully first.
  5. “I think it will make me happy.” There’s a difference between having more confidence and being happy. Make sure you understand that surgery can make you feel better about the way you look, but it won’t change anything else in your life!

If you feel that you want surgery for the right reasons – take the next step and receive a FREE information pack and fee guide please visit www.SecretSurgery.co.uk or call 0843 289 4 982 or email Info@SecretSurgery.co.uk

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