Considering breast implants? See how it looks at home…

imagesBreast implants are without a doubt one of the most popular – and infamous – procedures on the market in the UK. A lot of women consider breast implants for a variety of reasons – some just have smaller breasts and feel insecure about them, while others miss the buxom bouncers they once had in their youth.

Whatever your reason for considering implants, there is one cheeky thing you can do at home to see just how you’d feel about them – in fact, you don’t even need to want implants to do it – it’s still fun! While nothing in the home will give you the same realistic effect that proper breast implants will, they’re a fun and interesting way to get a glimpse into the life of a D cup holder – or even more!

The insiders think that the best way to recreate implants is using rice – it’s small and flexible enough that it flows into all the right places when you place it in your bra. Just pour 1 cup of rice into a nylon stocking or tights and stuff it in the right place – this is approximately equal to a 240 c implant – quite a big one!

Go on, try it at home – if you like the way you look, come see us!

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

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