Angela Chouaib featured in Woman magazine!

women magazine july 2013We’re pleased to announce that a recent feature in the UK’s top Woman magazine included a small spot with Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery, who discussed the effects of social media on today’s society – specifically with relation to us body-conscious women!

The feature went on to describe how social media has slowly led to an increased awareness of facial ageing in society; obviously, as we regularly see patients looking to rejuvenate their faces and turn back the clock, we’re well-placed to talk about just how we think today’s women feel about their ageing looks.

The ever-increasing popularity of such anti-ageing treatments as face lifts, neck lifts, facial fillers and Botox obviously means that we’re growing less and less patient with our age! Of course, we don’t think there’s any problem with that – it just means we’re going to be the most beautiful middle-aged people the world has seen yet!

You can read the full column in Woman magazine, which should be on shelves in the UK, and have a quick look at our sneak peek picture of the spread here.

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