Has Kim Kardashian had a lip job?

kimIf you’ve been keeping up with the gossip columns recently – who am I kidding? Of course you have – then you’ll know that Kim Kardashian is expecting – and the effects of her baby weight have already been published for the world to see.

Not long ago, she Tweeted pics of herself with new luscious lips which she said are her ‘pregnancy lips’, alluding to the fact that most women put on a little weight when they’re carrying a baby. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of pregnant women gaining weight on their lips!

Speculators wonder whether she’s actually indulged in a little lip work; they certainly look much more plump than before, and this kind of effect can easily be achieved with the help of fillers.

While Kim looks utterly gorgeous with her new lips, we hope that she had the surgery before getting pregnant; most surgeons wouldn’t operate on pregnant women, even if the procedure is as routine as simply inserting fillers. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to some fillers, have them before or after pregnancy – not during!

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