Exclusive Angela Chouaib Interview: Part Three

20121216-0339smallYep, here it is – the last part in our exclusive Angela Chouaib interview. The gorgeous Angela was interviewed by the equally gorgeous Jenny Southan of Business Traveller, where she shared all of the juicy details about the ins and outs of Secret Surgery, as well as the cosmetic surgery holiday industry. Read on to find out which questions Jenny saved until last.

 What advice would you give someone looking to tag on some time to a business trip for medical treatment overseas if they have never done it before?

Please do your research, ask all the appropriate questions relating to the procedure you are considering and make an informed choice. Secret Surgery does attract quite a lot of city Executives that never want a peer to find out they’ve had a nip or tuck; so by doing this away from Harley Street and recovering in a luxury hotel with business facilities it allows them to still stay connected with their business during the recuperation period.

What happens if something goes wrong during, or as a consequence of, your medical treatment overseas? What rights and protection do you have? Do you need special insurance?

Things might go wrong in surgery as we all know no surgery is risk free! but it happens rarely, and there should always be ways to fix or reverse any unexpected complications! The more you research your procedure and surgeon will allow you to make an informed choice. These are the kind of questions you should be thinking about asking in your consultation:

  • Group meal at Pod Freda
    Group meal at Pod Freda

    Are there back-up medical facilities available if I become ill during the procedure?

  • Does the clinic have insurance to cover malpractice or errors?
  • Which company is your insurance with, and what is the level of cover?
  • Are further treatments due to complications covered in the original cost of my treatment?
  • What is the surgeons complication rates?
  • How is the Hospitals Infection control managed and monitored?
  • Its really important to get the lines of communication open… Ask if anyone has had a similar procedure and experience a complication and what did the surgeon do to rectify it? Ask about healing stages, aftercare and associated timescales…

You can also take out a specialist Medical Travel Insurance Policy; see: http://www.medicaltravelshield.com/

Do you have to involve your GP when arranging medical treatment overseas?

GP Involvement is minimal – it is somewhat up to the patient to discuss this with them which we always recommend. We occasionally ask patients who present with medical conditions such as depression, blood pressure issues or diabetes to speak to their GP about their plans and get their GP’s advice/approval that they feel they are under control and suitable candidates.

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit www.SecretSurgery.co.uk or call 0843 289 4 982 or email Info@SecretSurgery.co.uk.

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