Too Many Surgeries: Whose Fault is it?

Basement+UK+Film+Premiere+Outside+Arrivals+L1Y3I624U8GlWe’ve all heard the stories about those celebrities who just don’t seem to know when to stop – a boob job here, a tummy tuck there – and somehow end up looking like a completely different person ten surgeries later. But whose fault is it really, the patient’s, or the surgeon’s?

This all comes about as Alicia Douvall blames her doctors, at least partially, for her past surgeries. The British model is a well-known plastic surgery addict, previously having had 330 plastic surgery procedures. This includes 16 breast augmentations! Alright, so most people don’t get anywhere near this figure – most of us couldn’t afford it! – but when you do, whose fault is it really?

Douvall has said that while she did have a plastic surgery addiction, the blame falls somewhat on the doctors who approved her for surgeries again and again and again. What do you think? Is it up to the professional, or the patient? While it’s true that patients shouldn’t place all the blame on a doctor, it is the doctor’s place to know when surgery is going to help someone – and when it isn’t.

Doctors might get this wrong sometimes, but after 330 surgeries, we might think that any doctor in their right mind would have known that this patient was never going to be happy with the away she looked! What do you think?

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