Trudi: My Eyelid Correction Story

Today, Trudi from Kent is here to tell us her hilarious story about eye lid correction surgery with Secret Surgery!

How did you find us? I found out about Secret Surgery on the web. It was started by Angela Chouaib, who founded it after her amazing weight loss when she took on the commitment to help others in her position. It’s cheaper than surgery in the UK, even when you take the holiday into consideration! It’s worth noting that prices in the UK are often broken down into sections, which means that if you want the full surgery it can often be double the cost!

trudi eyelid correction before & afterHow did you find the UK team? They were great – people shouldn’t be afraid to ask anything; they’re friendly and approachable. Joining Facebook is also a great idea – there’s so much support and information on there.

What about the team in Poland? Dr. W speaks pidgin English and wears reindeer jumpers at Christmas! They’re all totally professional, well-educated and experienced. Dr. W really does know what he is doing – he does very neat stitching, although he can’t knit! There’s also Aga, who is basically your friend while you’re there, and Jack, the lovely taxi driver who speaks great English. He’ll even sneak chocolate and crisps into the hospital for you if you want!

Speaking of the hospital… It’s spotless, modern and every room in it is en suite. The staff are attentive and friendly, and the food is ‘different’ – but Jack and Aga will bring you in something else if you ask!

How did you find your travel arrangements? Angela explained everything about what was included in my package. I had to buy my own food on board the plane, and was careful not to exceed the baggage allowance – or you’ll get charged extra!

And what about your apartment? I took a European plug adaptor with me, so that was fine. They provided towels, free wi-fi and a kitchen area, though there were limited English TV channels. You can also have food supplies arranged for your first night there, with everything put in the fridge for you.

What about the eye lid surgery? I felt like I could ask Dr. W anything, and had to wear a gown – don’t forget to keep your knickers on! I walked down to theatre with a nurse, and then remained awake throughout the surgery so that Dr. W could ask me to open and close my eyes throughout. He aligned my eyelids – I went down with wonky ones and came back with matching eyes! The operation doesn’t hurt at all.

And how has your recovery been? Straight after the operation, I laid down for three hours and my eyes swelled up like I’d been at it with Mike Tyson for 12 hours! I was given a tube of cream to rub on them, and was able to go out for afternoon shopping the same day. That night, I also went for a meal out with all the other VIP guests – who all said I didn’t look as bad as I thought! Now I’m on painkillers every day for my neck, but my eyes didn’t hurt at all! The only thing I had to be careful about was not scratching them when they itched. Here’s a trick for the swelling – save used teabags in the fridge and then wet them and put them over your eyes with a night mask!

My swelling went down quite well. I had my stitches out on the Monday and then was back at work on Tuesday and nobody noticed any swelling! One month on, I still have a small red line where the stitches were but make-up covers this.

Any final remarks? The operation was a complete SUCCESS, and my droopy eyelids have been sorted!

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

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