Brits Just Love Pippa’s Bum!

Pippa-Middleton-BumEven the most confident of us ladies can think of a handful of celebs we would gladly swap body parts with – whether it’s J Lo’s bum, Cameron Diaz’s smile or Cheryl Cole’s nose. What we want to know is, whose gorgeous features would be on YOUR cosmetic surgery wishlist?

One thing we can guess: a lot of you probably fancy having a derriere like Pippa Middleton! This comes as a shock to just about no-one as the Metro reports this week that more and more Brits are going under the knife to get a shapely behind just like Pippa’s. Meanwhile, over in the states, Kate’s nose is taking everyone by storm!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder at Secret Surgery, says ‘It’s not uncommon for us to have requests like this – ‘I want his abs or her nose’ – and our surgeons are very good at working to a specification like that. In fact, it’s good that our patients know exactly what they want – it makes our job easier, and we know our patients know what they’re going to get!’

So, whose body would YOU want? I know I’d swap bodies with Michelle Pfeiffer if given half the chance…

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