Am I Too Young For Surgery?

woman applying powder on forehead with brush Valua Vitaly‘Am I too young for surgery?’ is a question that gets asked a surprising number of times. The number of people who think that cosmetic surgery is something we should be opting for as we get older is astounding. It’s true that some surgeries, like Botox and face lifts, are geared towards the older audiences, but for the most part, surgery really is an all-inclusive party.

For one thing, you’re probably getting more for your money if you opt for surgery when you’re a little younger. If you spend ten years umm-ing and ahh-ing about a nose job and then plump for it when you’re 35, you’ve lost ten years during which you could have had a beautiful nose but paid the same price!

It’s also worth considering that our bodies are really experts at handling change when we’re young. Our skin is stretchy and flexible, and our immune systems are tough. Surgery is easier for younger people – though, that’s not to say it’s all that difficult when you’re older.

At the end of the day, it always depends on the person. If you don’t feel ready for surgery, then that’s a different thing entirely. If you do feel ready, then don’t let your young age put you off. As along as you’re over twenty one, you’re old enough to make a decision about what’s best for you.

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One thought on “Am I Too Young For Surgery?

  1. This article makes some great points. Many people believe they are too young to undergo facial rejuvenation procedures, but some patients can benefit from procedures like facelift and eyelid lift as young as their late forties. Even better, is that they typically recover with greater ease than if they were to wait ten years. As far as Botox is concerned, many patients in their twenties and thirties are receiving injections as a preventative measure. Thanks for the information!
    James E. White MD, FACS

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