Cara’s Tummy Tuck Trip to Poland

0905-flat-absCara recently came to Poland to undergo a tummy tuck with us. In this candid interview, she has told all about the ups and downs of her surgery. All in all, she definitely seems pleased, although her tale might ring true with anyone who worries about feeling lonely or scared during their stay.

How does your story start? I started looking at surgery long before I lost all my weight, I joined slimming world and went on to lose 9 stone, not being happy with the loose skin I visited the doctors only to be turned away, he also told me at this point that no amount of diet or exercise would ever get rid of that skin.

How did you hear of us? Six-ish months ago I came across Secret Surgery after someone told me about it, I thought I would go and have a nose around, but I never dreamt I would would ever be able to afford to get it done. That being said I contacted the company, sent them my pictures and got a quote – it was actually cheaper than I had ever imagined. I spoke with my husband and we soon decided to book in with the company for 5 months later, giving me time to save for the op.

And what happened in February? On Feb 3rd 2013 we headed for Bristol where hubby and I spent the night for our anniversary before heading to the airport the next day early. I checked in and the hubby and I went and got a bite to eat and a drink… I was so scared – I have never flown before! Left hubby and went through all the security checks, I was frisked when I went through but hey I guess it’s all part of the experience. It was soon time to board the plane, I arrived in Wroclaw, Poland 15 mins early, collected my luggage and went outside where I was met by the taxi driver Jack – he is such a lovely man.

Where did Jack take you? I was taken straight to the hospital where I was met by Aga, I filled out all the forms and then I met Dr W for the first time for a consultation and he asked me what I wanted done and what my expectations were. I said that I wanted to lose the flap of skin and gain a belly button and then I would be over the moon. I also had an ECG during this time which they told me they wanted to repeat later as apparently I was tacky cardic, I was extremely nervous though, I have never felt so scared in my life.

Did you feel better later? I was shown to my room where I got the chance to relax and calm down, later that day another lady joined my room she was Polish but lives in Germany but spoke English so we got chatting, I guess this kind of made me take my mind off the op, later that evening they came and took blood from us both and gave us an injection to prevent blood clots etc… I was also taken by a nurse for my 2nd ECG which I never did hear the results of. I was told my op wouldn’t be till lunchtime the next day. And that I was to go nil by mouth from midnight.

What happened on the day of the op? The next day I got up had a shower in the special soap they give you and donned the very fetching gown, the nurses came in soon after came in to insert an I.V. in my hand – ouch – I was actually very shocked that they got the I.V. in my hand as nobody usually manages to and I usually end up with it in my arm. I then had a long relaxing wait till my op. While waiting I got a visit from the lovely Carol, another Secret Surgery lady, while she was there I was given my pre-meds. At around 2pm I was taken to theatre… And the next thing I knew I had woken in recovery, the doctor came to see me and informed me that I had a nice new flat stomach – I was so pleased!

And after the op? The next day I was taken back to the room and I met my new stomach for the first time, I was all smiles! Thursday, my drains were removed and I was discharged back to the apartment where all my shopping had been delivered too.

It sounds like you enjoyed your time here? I was so glad I went over when two others ladies had gone over and that we were put in touch, as I went over on my own and I think maybe I would have felt a little lost in translation. I went home on the Monday after a final dressings change at the hospital. I had had my stitches removed back home here on Wednesday, the lady kept saying to me tell me if I hurt you, with a numb stomach I couldn’t feel a thing lol.

Would you go again? All in all I had an amazing experience. Would I do it again? Maybe, but not on my own.

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