Has Kate Had a Little Nip/Tuck – Or is She Just Naturally That Gorgeous?!

634.KateMiddleton.jc.113012Kate Middleton is the nation’s Queen – in spirit if not in reality. Don’t get me wrong – we all love Liz – but Kate has really inspired hope and admiration in women across the UK. She’s intelligent, elegant and beautiful, and she married a Prince! If she can do it, we all can – right, ladies?

More recently, her totally gorgeous good looks have inspired questions about whether Kate has indulged in a little plastic surgery to help things along. Some spectators think she might have perfected her cute button nose with a little rhinoplasty, while others suspect a bum lift is what’s keeping her derriere in top condition.

Whether she’s had these procedures or not is anyone’s guess – and if she had, we’ll likely never know for certain – but, surgery or not, the one thing we can say is that Kate is a true beauty. If there’s one thing that makes me proud to be British, it’s Kate’s beautiful bum! (Though we can’t mention Middleton bums without bringing up Pippa, can we…?)

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