Meet Veronika – our Nutritionist!

Veronika JirkalovaAs part of our inside look offering you the chance to get under the skin of the Secret Surgery team, Veronika Jirkalova has kindly answered five deep and personal questions about her life and career!

What’s the best part of your job? “I like meeting my patients during their therapy and helping them to achieve big changes and results. Also, it’s very important to check their dietary plans and support them in their effort; it’s very important to stay motivated!”

If you hadn’t become a nutritionist, what do you think you would have been? “I think it would be a job in a fitness centre or a cosmetic saloon as I like the healthy way of life and keeping myself fit!”

If you were going to treat yourself to some surgery, what would you get done? “It would probably be some kind of anti-ageing surgery – I will see what I look like in the next 20 years!”

What do you do to relax after a long day? “I love long walks with my dog, sports and films.”

What’s the biggest challenge in your job? “The biggest challenge is to actually achieve the best results – reduction of redundant energy and keeping up the motivating and will!”

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