Surgery Worries: What if Something Goes Wrong?

As much confidence as you might have in us, it’s totally natural – and understandable – that everybody gets cold feet at some point. What if it doesn’t work? What if something bad happens? What if it goes wrong? When you’re in your consultation, your nurse should make you feel comfortable enough to be able to ask these questions – and should be able to give you the answers you’re looking for.

5306278-surgeon-doctor-holding-his-stethoscopeThings might go wrong in surgery as we all know no surgery is risk free! but it happens rarely, and there should always be ways to fix or reverse any unexpected complications! The more you research your procedure and surgeon will allow you to make an informed choice. These are the kind of questions you should be thinking about asking in your consultation:

Are there back-up medical facilities available if I become ill during the procedure?

Does the clinic have insurance to cover malpractice or errors?

Which company is your insurance with, and what is the level of cover?

Are further treatments due to complications covered in the original cost of my treatment?

What is the surgeons complication rates?

How is the Hospitals Infection control managed and monitored?

Its really important to get the lines of communication open… Ask if anyone has had a similar procedure and experience a complication and what did the surgeon do to rectify it? Ask about healing stages, aftercare and associated timescales…

If you ask all of these and get great answers – something along the lines of ‘yes, lots’ for all of them – then you shouldn’t need to worry about what might happen in surgery – because if anything goes wrong, it’ll all get sorted!

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