My FOUR YEAR Milestone

angela before and after wlsHi! It’s Angela here – and I’ve got a very special milestone to share with you all. Four years ago this month I weighed in at 20 stone and was extremely unhappy and unhealthy. I knew that 2009 was the year I had to start a new chapter and take care of myself and with the help of Mr Marcus Reddy (Bariatric Surgeon) in London I had an RNY gastric bypass and this gave me a 2nd chance at living a healthier happier life. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and lost 10 stone in 10 months and have maintained a normal BMI ever since.

I was then lett in a deflated fat suit and once again took the opportunity to have my re-constructive plastic surgery in Wroclaw in with Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz 2010 and this really was the icing on the cake. I was the happiest I could ever remember being… My kids had their fun, loving mummy back and my husband had a new and improved sexier wife too!

After achieving everything that I have I felt that if I could help one other person feel as fabulous as I do then I must help them and Secret Surgery Ltd was founded in November 2010.

As well as helping my own clients I now help patients of surgeons from around the world (including UK) who dont have anywhere to turn and have no moral/emotional support and this is what I enjoy doing most. I hope I can continue to make a positive difference to other people lives in 2013….

I’m so blessed to be able to help others and want to say the hugest thanks to everyone that I call my friend for being there and supporting me throughout my journey and helping me be the person I am today… Much love, Angela xxxx

And here are some comments from my friends and colleagues…

Angie Matthews: Its hard to believe you are the same person as the first pic. Happy oppiversary, and congratulations on all you have achieved. Secret surgery is now helping people whose shoes you were once in, and that makes it extra special x

Rebekah Woodcraft: You look amazing great advert for secret surgery, well done xxxx

Suzie Marie Fitzhugh: U’ve done gr8 and look so amazing and u r a beautiful person inside and out xxxx

Clare-Louise Cuppy Saville: Simply Amazing! Congratulations on your 4th anniversary, you are an inspiration and mentor to us all,

Trayc Imagestylist Randall: Happy 4th birthday you truly are a walking advert for your business and you look totally amazing XX well

Mandi Allen: Happy oppiversary to you xx you are an inspiration. Thank you for your support x

Elaine Hill: Happy 4th birthday darling, its because of you smiling that has made many other women and men walk around with a smile, you are an amazing lady with a heart of gold. Xxx

Melanie Stewart: Well Done Angela x wow what a transformation and a great acheivement in just 4 years x and i am one of the people u have helped ive lost 2stone 4lbs since beginning of November and i cant thank u all at Secret Surgery enough. Without ur help i would never of been able to turn my life around into the right direction as that is certainly where im heading after i had my wrap x x x x THANK YOU x x and WELL DONE U!!!! My weightloss results are just AMAZING x every ‘weigh in’ is so exciting i have lost every time x x never has that happened in my life x x x

Jane Newcastle: The biggest congratulations for achieving your healthy BMI so quickly but more than that for maintaining ever since, your determination to hold onto to the new life was my inspiration and I’m still hoping to be able to get there myself! xx

Debbie Cressey: You have achieved so much Angela! I’m glad to have you as a friend to inspire me too x

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

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