Joanne’s Tummy Tuck Journey


Undergoing a tummy tuck might not make you quite as tough as Frodo and Gandalf, but in our opinion, it certainly is an epic journey of its own. Joanne came to Secret Surgery for a tummy tuck recently, and today’s she going to share her journey – and all of its highs and lows – with us.

Let’s start at the beginning. “My journey started in May 2010 when I discovered that my blood pressure was so high I was at risk of having a stroke. This was due to me being six stone overweight – I was a size 22 and weighed 15 stone! The next day I joined a slimming club and in six months had lost three stone, which in turn led to me starting to exercise and then running.

And can you tell us what happened the next year? “In May 2011 I had hit my target weight and was now a size 14; me being me, that was not good enough and I continued running every day. By August 2011 I had slimmed to a size 10 , and had a fantastic new man in my life!”

Well that’s great – isn’t it? “But this weight loss, being big for 10 years and having two kids had taken its toll. I had loose skin on my tummy which hung down and looked like a deflated balloon! I was desperately unhappy with my body yet again.

So how did you hear about us? ” One of my friends had had the same problem, and she told me she had booked surgery with a company called Secret Surgery, in Poland. She showed me the Facebook group, and I read all the positive reviews, and felt totally reassured by these. She came back from her surgery a different woman! The results were fantastic, and I decided then and there that this was the company for me.”

What was your experience of Secret Surgery like? “From the first time I contacted Secret Surgery, they were totally professional in every way. Angela, the founder, was so helpful, my fight and accommodation were booked for me, and I was put in contact with two other ladies having the same op in the same week! It was a fabulous idea – we talked to each other on the closed Secret Surgery site and got excited together! Everyone else at the hospital – Aga and Dr. W. in particular – was great.”

And… what we’re all waiting for – the op? “I was taken down to the operation room by the nurses, and made to feel totally at ease. When I woke up, a few hours later, my every need was catered for. Pain relief was excellent, and I had a very comfortable night’s stay. I was transferred back to my room the next day and met up with my surgery buddy, my dressings were changed every day, and Dr. W. answered any questions I had!”

And after the op? “A couple of days later I was driven to my modern, homely apartment by Jack, the Secret Surgery driver. He was a wonderful and charming man – and knew Wroclaw like the back of his hand. We stayed in the apartment for five days, with my dressings changed at the hospital every day and visits from Aga and Dr. W reassured me that everything was well. In my last few days, I was well enough to sightsee around the city, and I said my goodbyes to Aga and Dr. W.

One final question: are you pleased you went? “I am 100% happy with the results of my op! I cannot thank Secret Surgery enough for changing my life and making the whole thing so easy. They are a professional, friendly company who I would have no hesitation in recommending. I will keep in contact with any concerns in my recovery – though I’ve got none yet!”

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