Just Ask! Asking the Right Questions Before Surgery

Before you actually take the plunge and pay your deposit for cosmetic surgery, you’re likely to have a few questions. You might think of them as questions, or you might think of them as doubts, worries or concerns. Whatever they are, I’ve got just one, tiny piece of advice – ask them.

It’s too easy to feel shy and intimidated about asking questions before something like surgery. Well, let me tell you: there’s no such thing as a stupid question in this business. When you’re about to go under the knife, it’s a big deal, and you’ve got to be 100% sure it’s what you want; if that depends on the answers to a couple of questions you have, then you go get those answers.

At Secret Surgery, we don’t want you to walk in here, give us your money, and leave dissatisfied. If we don’t think you’re right for surgery, we’ll tell you that. But it’s not an easy thing to figure out; and you’ve got to a do a lot of the work yourself. My advice? Ask questions. Write a list of everything you might want to ask before your consultation, and tick every question off that list during it.

Ask about what you can expect from the results of the surgery. Ask to see before and after photos of previous patients. Ask about the risks, the recovery time, and any marks you could possibly left with after the surgery. Ask everything. The only way you can know you’re going to be happy with your surgery is by knowing exactly what you’re walking into when you take the plunge.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder at Secret Surgery Ltd., says that “Asking questions is the one thing you just can’t do too much of when you’re about to undergo serious surgery. One of our patients, Sacha, really hit the nail on the head when she said that ‘although lots of people think that if they have surgery they will be happy with themselves, my advice is to be happy first – then you will truly love yourself.’”

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit www.SecretSurgery.co.uk or call 0843 289 4 982 or email Info@SecretSurgery.co.uk

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