Mary’s Secret Surgery Success

We’ve got another Secret Surgery success story today, this time coming from Mary, in Ireland. It’s always gratifying to hear that all the efforts we put in at Secret Surgery don’t go to waste, and Mary’s story is yet another example of our great results.

Let’s see what Mary has to say. “I just wanted to share my journey with you. It started three years ago, when I saw a picture of myself at a wedding, and I was wearing a size 26 dress. I was digusted that I had let myself go that much, so I joined Weight Watchers the week after.”

Great! How did that go? “Well, two and a half years later I’d lost six stone and eight pounds. I felt great, but I desperately wanted to get rid of all the saggy bits that my weight loss had left behind! So I started researching cosmetic surgeries, starting with some consultations in Ireland.”

And how did you go from there, to finding Secret Surgery? “I couldn’t afford the prices at the Irish surgeries, and it was then that I found Secret Surgery. I contacted Angela and was so impressed by her quick response, professionalism and her kindness. I had so many questions and I also had to change my dates twice! But she was considerate throughout, and for her there was no such thing as a silly question. She even called me the day before I was due to go, and we chatted for nearly an hour!”

We do pride ourselves on approachability at Secret Surgery! What happened next? I left with my sister-in-law, Valerie, for Wroclaw on April 28th, and I was so impressed when we got to the hospital. It was immaculate, and the staff we do amazing, friendly and professional. Aga was wonderful, so kind and funny – I felt we’d been friends all our lives!”

But surely the most important thing is how the surgery went? “I met Dr. W, which reassured me more, and OMG! My first operation was a tummy tuck, and I had NO pain after it at all. Just a little discomfort, and the ICU nurse was fantastic, caring and patient. My second procedures – breast lift and vaser lipo on thighs – was just the same. Painless, comforting and easy! Angela also kept in contact with me throughout everything!”

That’s great news, Mary. Are you glad you did it? “I’d have to say it was the best decision of my life! I’d do it again in a heartbeat; Angela was great, and my experience was made so much better by being there with Valerie, and meeting Sacha, another patient there at the time. We explored the hospital together, and had a great time.”

“I also couldn’t have done it without the hospital’s lovely taxi driver – Jack! I’m recommending Secret Surgery to all of my friends – and others! I’ll never forget my wonderful experience and all the friends I’ve made for life.”

It’s so wonderful to hear people having such good experiences at Secret Surgery; we go to extra special efforts to make sure your time here is comfortable, enjoyable and fun!

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Or, if you’ve ever been a patient of ours and have a story to share, why not get in touch with us and tell us your experiences at Secret Surgery? We love to hear them!

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