Marie’s Secret Surgery Story

We’ve got a lot of success stories at Secret Surgery, and barely a day goes by when someone isn’t thanking us for the way we’ve changed their lives. Today, Marie from Scotland wants to share her story with you.

“I looked at myself recently and began to wonder where my sparkle had gone” she told me. “Life had taken its toll, so I decided to take action and make the most of what nature has given me – with a bit of help. Having never been afraid to go for what I wanted, I looked into surgery.”

However, shopping for cosmetic surgery isn’t quite as simple as shopping for new clothes, as Marie knows. “I know it’s such a common thing these days, but all surgeries come with risks, and I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision when it came to the company I chose to help me do this. I did a great deal of research, but I was still unsure.”

This is where we’re proud to say that Secret Surgery come in. “Everywhere seemed so wonderful, but I couldn’t tell which reviews I could trust and which I couldn’t! I started looking abroad because the expense was ridiculous in the UK, and that’s when I found Secret Surgery. Within minutes of reading, I knew they were for me.”

“Angela – the founder – is a wonderful woman; really dedicated to helping people to attain their personal goals, thereby enhancing their emotional ones. The Secret Surgery Facebook page is dedicated to its community of cosmetic surgery patients, and this was what did it for me – I could read people’s stories and see real pictures; I knew Secret Surgery was the real deal.”

We’re chuffed to see that our personal touch is really doing its job, and making patients feel welcome. Is Marie glad she opted for Secret Surgery? “Of course! The support they offer is awesome, and there’s no pressure to make decisions; everything is easily-paced from consultation to treatment and completion. All the surgeons and clinic staff in Poland were so professional, and aftercare in the UK is excellent. Angela does everything for you! The whole experience was great, and I would highly recommend Secret Surgery. It’s as easy as getting on a plane… just do it!

We’re so happy to hear that Marie enjoyed her Secret Surgery experience. Do you fancy giving it a go? To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

Alternatively, if you’re a previous patient of ours, why not get in touch to tell us your story? We’re always happy to listen to patient feedback.

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