Ban the Blemishes for Good with an Extreme Makeover

face lift abroadSometimes, make-up just doesn’t hit the right spot. It doesn’t matter how much money I spend on foundation, lipstick, or mascara, or how much time I invest in moisturising; wrinkles, excess skin and asymmetrical features just don’t wear out.

It’s not the end of the world, though; if you’re really determined to look your best this summer, there are further options beyond the top shelf of the make-up aisle in Boots; scrap the bog-standard makeover rules – now we’re playing by extreme makeover rules.

With an extreme makeover, the sky’s the limit. Not happy with your nose? Get it sorted. Want plumper lips? Just a quick shot, and it’s done. Fed up of crow’s feet? You get the picture – with cosmetic surgery, you can erase all those pesky blemishes that won’t go away with anything else.

Extreme makeovers are an excellent option for women who are sick of having low self-esteem because of their facial appearance – in the 21st century, we can look however we want to look!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says that “More and more women are coming in to have work done on their faces; it’s not about simply looking better, but about looking the way you feel comfortable looking. I’m pleased to know I’m helping a lot of women to feel happier in their own skin.”

To take the next step and receive a FREE personalised info pack and quote please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email

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