Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Funding Surgery Abroad

ImageUnfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery abroad but worrying about how to fund it, then don’t worry – because, while we can’t point you in the direction of miracle money seeds, we can advise you about the next best thing.

First of all, cosmetic surgery abroad is often considerably more affordable than surgery in the UK.

But, despite the treatments being more affordable, you may still need a little financial help – that’s where cosmetic surgery loans come in. You can get loans for your surgery whether it’s taking place in the UK or elsewhere, and interest rates on cosmetic surgery loans can actually be very low indeed – lower than the interest rates on most major credit cards, in fact.

Of course, the usual rules apply when shopping around for your loan – look for those with lower interest rates, but not at the cost of other important things. Some finance companies will insist on choosing your surgeon for you; you’re definitely best off steering well clear of these.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., says “It shouldn’t be any more difficult getting finance for surgery abroad than it should for surgery in the UK – in fact, given the cheaper cost of treatment, you should find it even easier! It’s still important to be careful about choosing a solid, reputable provider of finance, though and we work with Money Solutions UK.”


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