Cannes Newsflash: Celeb Surgeries

ImageThe Cannes Film Festival 2012 – that’s the 65th one, to be precise – took place in Cannes, France just one week ago, and we’ve got all the hottest gossip for you.

First up, it looks like Nicole’s had her botched boob job fixed; the superstar actress Nicole Kidman had some pretty obvious botched boobs back in 2007, and she’s clearly had them re-done just in time for Cannes. Along with her buxom new boobs, a lot of commentators have speculated that Kidman’s also been making good use of fillers and Botox.

Other sources seem to think that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has also splashed out on a little surgery recently, with extra fillers used to plump up her face and cheeks. I’d say she doesn’t need it, but given I haven’t seen the ‘before’ pics – maybe she does!

Finally, Kylie Minogue has also made headlines, with speculations about fillers and Botox, too. This comes on top of the old news of a brow lift a few years ago – at 43, it’s no surprise that Kylie looks as good as she does with a little helping hand from plastic surgery.

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd., has said that “The 65th Cannes Film Festival seemed to be full of beautiful people, and I’m sure plenty of them have indulged in cosmetic surgery before – it’s been clear for many years that we’ve got Hollywood’s endorsement!”

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2 thoughts on “Cannes Newsflash: Celeb Surgeries

  1. All celebrities have plastic surgeries to improve their look and that’s a great thing because I’m sure no one would like to see ugly and old celebrities at such a big film festival.
    Off course I hate celebrities that don’t admit they had a breast augmentation or some botox or fillers….because from what I know it’s not forbidden to take advantage of the latest cosmetic discoveries…..but it’s not nice to lie, that’s something I learned from my parents. That’s why when I had my breast augmentation in Toronto I told everyone about it and I was very happy that all my friends and family congratulated me for that choice:)

  2. plastic surgery procedures these days are getting more and more popular because everyone wants to improve their appearance.’

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