Are Baby Boomers Seeking the Fountain of Youth?

ImageBaby Boomers seem to get all the press; the generation of babies born in celebration of the end to World War II seem to get all the firsts. In 2012, we’re seeing a new first for post-war babies: the first generation to fully embrace cosmetic surgery on the path to longer-lasting youth.

The rise of face and neck lifts hasn’t exactly taken the cosmetic industry by surprise, as numbers of all kinds of cosmetic procedures have been on the up for years; but once again, Baby Boomers pave the way for everyone else as the leading consumers of lifts.

It looks like Boomers are the generation to transcend the concept of ‘growing old gracefully’; while their mums and dads might have been happy to enter their sixties wrinkles and all, our pioneering Boomers are the first to say ‘no’ to wrinkles, jowls and crow’s feet – and good for them! The 21st century is for people who know they don’t have to look their age, or act it!

Angela Chouaib, MD and founder of Secret Surgery Ltd, says that “We see a lot of ‘Baby Boomers’ at Secret Surgery, all on the quest for younger looks and youthful features – and our specialists and experts don’t fail to please. We should celebrate the fact that Baby Boomers are embracing the modern technologies of today, as ever proving themselves to be one of the most progressive generations we’ve ever seen.”


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