In the Mood for a FREE Hypnotherapy CD?


You might have noticed that here at Secret Surgery, we’ve launched a brand new website. This shiny new website is packed full of information to help our clients make the right decisions about cosmetic surgery procedures, and also to help you get to know our staff a little bit better.

To celebrate the new site’s virgin days, we’re going to give the first 100 people to contact us for a quote, via the new site, a FREE self-help hypnotherapy CD. The CD includes two tracks, each 30 minutes long, to help you discover the you that you really want to be.

The first track is about weight loss, so if you’ve ever wanted to shift a few pounds, now’s your chance. Hypnotherapy is a great, modern way to change your bad habits into good ones. The second track will help you with your body confidence; if you ever feel that you’re lacking self-esteem, going to sleep with positive thoughts about yourself will do wonders for your mood the next morning.


If you want to get your hands on this FREE hypnotherapy CD, just head down to the new website and go to Contact Us, where you’ll receive a personalised quote and free consultation. Please visit or call 0843 289 4 982 or email for more info.

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