Mums tums and bums

cosmetic surgery after pregnancyThere appears to be an increasing preponderance of TV advertisements aimed at young mothers. Something to prevent pregnancy stretch-marks, or something to tone your tummy perhaps? As if mums didn’t have enough to be going on with, without preening themselves to perfection. The truth is, young mothers are big business for the cosmetic industry.

After all, it is understandably frustrating to find your body altered as a result of childbirth. So what better way to reel you in than by showing you celebrities; trim, thin and positively glowing with motherhood? But that’s not quite real life, where new mums ask whether they can go to the shops with sick on their shoulder.

Creams and make-up will continue to be advertised to worn-out women, but surgery is now getting the fattest slice of pie. Statistics show that normal treatments are yesterday’s news; mums want to go under the knife for their looks.

Are we talking about American statistics? No, but that’s a whole other story. In fact, we’re talking about a leading Dublin clinic, which recently released statistics about the Harley Medical Group’s patients. A whopping 80% of tummy tucks have been performed on new and young mothers; and that’s just this year. Mummy makeovers are all the rage, with many opting for procedures to get rid of baby weight and flabby skin. Indeed, you could opt for a complete package; a breast uplift and enlargement, followed by liposuction and a tummy tuck. They are all out there.

It’s distressing to see your body change; to not feel like the person who was frolicking around making babies just 9 months ago. However, some experts are recommending that surgery for new mums is inadvisable: the tissue on your stomach and breasts will shrink and settle down, so it’s always best to wait before opting for something drastic.

Angela Chouaib, MD at Secret Surgery Ltd in the UK, pointed out: ‘There’s nothing wrong with mothers considering cosmetic surgery as a means of regaining confidence and feeling good about themselves.  Immediately after childbirth however, there are a number of reasons why it would be unwise to rush into surgery without having first carefully thought things through.’

Your abdominal muscles will weaken, so exercise and diet may not completely rejuvenate the body, but this old-fashioned method won’t cease to exist just yet. Motherhood brings both emotional and physical changes; you just need to work out if perky boobs are the foremost priority.

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