Breast Reduction on the Increase

Breast Reduction Surgery AbroadThe embarrassment at being unable to find bras or bikinis of the right size in regular clothing outlets, combined with the self-consciousness that often comes with being chestier than most have led women to consider reducing the size of their breasts.

These are not the only reasons breast reduction surgery is suddenly more popular, however. A new method of breast reduction that does not involve a scalpel has recently been pioneered in the UK.

To date, this new method has been successfully performed on over 80 patients. It requires less downtime, and of course there is no scarring.

The procedure is a modification of traditional liposuction, in which a thin metal tube is inserted into the fat layer below the skin using a tiny incision.

The procedure is not suitable for women who have lost a lot of weight and have loose skin or stretch marks on the breasts, as reducing volume will exacerbate these problems. Women with a strong family history of breast cancer are also not suitable for this procedure.  For other large-breasted women however, it may be worth paying more to have less.

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