The Rise of the Cosmetically Enhanced Man

Poor men – they get a rough deal really. We make fun of them for their man bellies, their balding heads and, worse of all, their moobs. We subject them to the kind of comments you wouldn’t get away with saying to a lady – unless you wanted a slap that is. With all that ripping, it’s little wonder, then, that there’s been a 7% increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Traditionally a female domain, cosmetic surgery is largely sought after by women wanting to repel the signs of ageing through facelifts, losing fat through liposuction and increasing their bust size through implants. These are all things that men get self-conscious about too however. Well, perhaps not increasing their bust size…
The truth is that there is a serious market out there for male surgery including a lot of the simple procedures that woman were once known for. From nose jobs to liposuction, men are just as likely to want these fixes as woman are. And why not? They don’t like to admit it, but men are just as insecure as the ladies.
There is, in fact, a range of cosmetic procedures designed specifically for the hairier sex. Hair transplants are now popular, with even Wayne Rooney splashing out on the procedure that involves taking healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and transplanting them to those bald problem areas, resulting in a full head of hair in no time.
Rooney isn’t the only male celebrity to have delved into the world of cosmetic surgery though; chef Gordon Ramsay got himself a chin implant and even former tennis pro Boris Becker has had a facelift. Cosmetic surgery is no longer a ladies prerogative – watch out girls; the men are taking over!


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