TOWIE Hang Ups

towie plastic surgeryThe stars of The Only Way is Essex are like billboards for cosmetic surgery. Every month, a new story reveals that one of the cast members is having a procedure, or a paparazzi photo reveals the work they’ve already had done.Chloe Sims, one of the ITV2 reality programme’s biggest stars, makes no secret of the surgery she’s undergone.
In fact, she wore a particularly revealing black dress back in November, which featured a plunging neckline which led all eyes to her perky boobs. It’s not mere speculation, as Chloe talks openly about the procedures she’s had in the past. She’s had lip fillers, Botox and cosmetic dentistry, as well as her breast enhancement.  She’s not finished though, as she claims ‘I would have liked to have had boobs as big as Jordan’s used to be.’ She’s now speaking out about having buttock implants too, in a bid to enhance her curves even further.
All of the TOWIE cast are seemingly avid fans of cosmetic enhancements, as an interview with Heat magazine revealed last year. Lydia Bright and Lucy Meckleburgh are the only two women on the cast without any cosmetic enhancements, but say they’d definitely consider it.Bright said, ‘I have a permanent lump on my lip, and sometimes one eye looks smaller than the other.’ She also has to work hard on keeping her stomach in shape, as she says ‘If I left it for a week, it would go flabby.’Meckleburgh could well go for buttock implants and a lift in the future too, as she claims, ‘I don’t like my boyfriend seeing my bum.’Amy Childs was equally insecure, and used to wear chicken fillet bra inserts before she had her boob job. She would wear as many as five inserts in each bra cup, boosting her humble bust up to a buxomly EE.

The whole cast seems riddled with body hang-ups, making the probability of further cosmetic procedures high. Yes, it’s strange for the average viewer who sees only perfectly-preened princesses. But everyone has their own insecurities, and everyone has a right to be rid of them.

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