Thigh Expectations

Today I thought I’d give you a brief update on my long-awaited thigh surgery, as there’s a moral to this cautionary tale, one that all patients should bear in mind.Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Angela Chouaib
Angela Chouaib

I travelled to Wroclaw in December to have my anticipated thigh lift: I’d already had my examination, and everything was good to go. I jetted off to Poland and arrived at the clinic. It was there, however, that I learned of  an unexpected twist.

When I went to see the surgeon, he conducted a further examination prior to the procedure. It turned out that I had gained weight since my original meeting with him.

In short, it meant I couldn’t have the thigh lift.

I’d gained around 4kg in the previous 12 months, so that there was too much fatty tissue – and not enough excess skin – to impart the results I’d expected and hoped for.

Thinking I might have to just go home and lose the weight, the surgeon recommended Vaser Liposuction instead. I trust our surgeons 100%, and so decided to give it a go. It turned out he was right: the procedure was not only a breeze, but I was really happy with the results.

I was up and about the next day, and even found time to enjoy the Christmas Market in Wroclaw. Just four days after the Liposuction I was even able to come home: it was a surprisingly simple and painless procedure.

The moral to the story? Listen to your doctor or surgeon.

We can’t always have what we want: yes, we learn that as children, but it’s a difficult expectation to break. The important thing to remember is that surgery can be a complicated affair; the doctors have a duty to ensure that you are safe and happy both before and after the procedure!

In my case, it was the right decision to listen to the surgeon. I’m grateful to have such experts around to guide me: if only all surgeons could be as genuinely concerned for the welfare of the client, and put their interests ahead of monetary gain. The team at Secret Surgery are a little different to your average clinic however – we care about your health and happiness just as much as you do.  For this reason, we put your welfare ahead of profits.

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