Post-Pregnancy Renovations

Becoming a mother can be the most fulfilling experience of a woman’s life. However, taking pleasure in your new role as a Mum doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your own sense of worth and well-being. We all know that after giving birth the skin around the abdomen can become loose and stretched.

Most women experience weight gain during the pregnancy, and with a newborn it is mighty difficult to get yourself up and out to the gym to get rid of it. Furthermore, breastfeeding can change the shape and firmness of your once-perfect breasts. All of these factors, combined with hormonal changes and fatigue, can greatly damage a woman’s self-esteem.  In most cases, simply getting back to their old, pre-pregnancy bodies would be a huge boost.
This has led to some mothers undergoing cosmetic treatments having exhausted natural methods of weight-loss and the standard old wives’ tricks for smooth, flawless skin post-pregnancy. The cocktail of treatments has been referred to as the “Mommy makeover” in cosmetic surgery circles in Miami, and elsewhere in the US.

The baby will leave, but will the bump?

Most common treatments opted for are liposuction, breast lift (and/or reduction) surgery, and tummy tucks to get rid of that irksome and unbecoming flap of skin that never seems to snap back into place. Interestingly, the Mommy makeover also includes some vaginal cosmetic surgery in cases where the shape of the vagina post-pregnancy is not conducive to sexual gratification.
The designer vagina procedure tones vaginal muscles, resulting in greater strength, contraction and control. It is a standard gynaecological surgical procedure. The stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is joined together and shortened with dissolvable stitches, and the unwanted skin is removed.
All aspects of the Mommy makeover – from tummy tuck to vaginal toning – is available from our expert surgeons here at Secret Surgery. You too can get back to your best.

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3 thoughts on “Post-Pregnancy Renovations

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