Secret Surgery’s Guide to Surgery Abroad – Part 6

Things To Ask Yourself

Angela Chouaib
Angela Chouaib

Once you’ve thought about your procedure and found a reliable hospital abroad, you may think you’re ready to go ahead with the decision. You may have researched your country of choice and even calculated the costs, but you should still give the idea a once over before you opt for surgery abroad. There are always questions to ask yourself before jumping in at the deep end.


Do you really know everything about your chosen surgery?

Different materials and techniques are used across the world, so checking a UK website for guidance doesn’t always give the complete picture. You need to know everything you can about your surgery in particular: you don’t want to wake up afterwards to surprises of any kind. Ask, ask, and ask again…..

Do you really know how long you’ll need to be away?

There can, of course, be complications with surgery, so you may be away longer than you think. It’s always best to have more time off work than less, as your absolute priority is concentrating on getting better. Aside from clearing everything up with your workplace, you should also make arrangements to contact home whenever you need to. If you’re travelling for surgery on your own, you need to make sure you’ll have an escort at the other end, and if a family member or close friend is accompanying you, you need to make sure they’re as flexible as you are.


Do you really know the costs?

You may need to stay abroad longer – anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks – so make sure you have the spare cash to pay for this. Don’t get me wrong, surgery abroad is usually straightforward, but complications can arise if you jet home to the UK before you’re properly healed. Flying back for an appointment in the Philippines is no easy feat for you or your wallet.

Here at Secret Surgery, we try to answer these questions before you even ask them. Has the other medical tourism companies provided you with an upfront quote that explains every aspect for your treatment (including terms and conditions). If not then question this – why aren’t they giving you this information? What are they hiding? Do you really trust the type of Company with your life after a 1 page email quotation?

We’re always here to let you know everything you need to, and our virtual consultation process allows you to communicate with your personal surgeon.

Booking one of our all-inclusive packages makes sure you know the exact costs, as they include everything from flights to free contact facilities with the UK. Our hospitals in Poland are also a little closer to home than most, so if there are any complications you won’t have to cough up a fortune to get back to us. It’s easier to travel to Secret Surgery than to jet off to Malaysia on a whim, but you can always contact us for a chat if you need to discuss your surgery afterwards.


Don’t miss the next blog (Part 7) Things to Ask the Surgeon – in the meantime remember pick the right questions to ask!


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