Secret Surgery’s Guide to Surgery Abroad – Part 2

Where Should I Go?

Angela Chouaib
Angela Chouaib

Choosing where to go for cosmetic surgery abroad isn’t simply about choosing the destination where you fancy a holiday: different countries have varying reputations for excelling in specific surgical areas.

Take the Philippines for example, where British tourists flock to every year to receive competitively-priced dentistry. Or France, renowned for their expertise in bariatric – or weight-loss – surgery. Head over to Belgium, Germany or Spain for a variety of elective surgeries, or simply grab a short flight to Poland where the reputation for cosmetic procedures is excellent.

Is the surgery you desire or require available in the country of your choice? You ought to find out which countries or cities have the best reputation for the surgery you’re looking to have. Scan the newspapers, ask people on surgery forums: do whatever you can to find out what’s right for you. You’ll probably be presented with several enticing options to choose from in the end.

This is when you can start to be a little pickier, and decide how you’re going to make the most of your trip abroad.

Ask when the high season is so you can avoid expensive flights: you’ll enjoy more moderate weather after undergoing surgery, and appreciate the pennies that you’ll undoubtedly save in the process.

Find out about the costs of a holiday; how much it is to eat out, how much it costs to travel around, and generally how much you’ll have to cough up over and above the price of your surgery. Your flights will cost more the further away you go, but then the cost of living should conversely be cheaper.

Secret Surgery takes the worry out of all of this for you by packaging the whole thing together so that you don’t need to think or worry about anything another than catching your flight!

If you’re in doubt, check out Know Before You Go, the Foreign Office’s campaign that gives you all-important information. Once you know the costs of everything else, you can start thinking about the cost of the actual surgery itself.

Stay tuned for the next blog (Part 3) for information about prices, and start researching your chosen country in the mean time!

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